It’s important to stay cool in the Arizona that’s why you need quality service when it comes to your air conditioner. Rely on Galvez Air Conditioning & Refrigeration give you fast, reliable air conditioning service when you need it the most.

What you get with air conditioner services with Galvez Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Inc:

• Fast, 24-hour service for sudden breakdowns and emergencies.
• Peace of mind with our “The first time always if not is FREE” guarantee.
• 10 years of experience helping you with every HVAC problem.
• Friendly, trained technicians that are sensitive to your home’s cooling needs.

Get Affordable & Reliable Installations, Repairs, And Maintenance On:

Heat Pumps

Most homes in the Phoenix area are set up with an air conditioner and a separate furnace. But what if there was a way to combine the two and only have one single, energy efficient unit that could both cool and heat your home?

There is. And it’s called a heat pump.

What is a Heat Pump?

A heat pump is an air conditioner that can also work in reverse. In other words, in the summer it pulls heat out of your home, making the temperature in your home much cooler.

Then, during the few weeks of winter that we get in the Phoenix area, the heat pump reverses this process. Rather than taking the heat out of your home and transporting it outside, it takes heat from outside and puts it into your home.

Why Should I Consider a Heat Pump?

If you’re in the market for a new air conditioner or furnace, you may want to consider a heat pump for a few reasons:

• More energy efficient – Heat pumps can be up to 400% more efficient. That means for each unit of energy used, they move up to four units of heat.
• Reliable – The technology in heat pumps is not new. They’ve been around for a long time and can last as long as a good air conditioner (up to 10-15 years.)
• Environmentally friendly – Unlike gas furnaces, heat pumps to do not burn anything or directly release carbon emissions. They only use a small amount of electrical energy to move heat.

Do you want to learn more about how a heat pump could work in your home? Schedule a free estimate with us today. (Form fills in the blank)

Reliable Heat Pump Repairs

When properly maintained, heat pumps can work well for up to 10 years in the Phoenix area. But if you do have a problem with your heat pump, Galvez Air Conditioning has trained experts that can diagnose and repair your heat pump.

Schedule a repair online, (Form fills in the blank) or give us a call at 480-528-2331 / 480528-1544

Air Handlers

Nothing makes a customer more satisfied than the cool sensation of reaching in to a cooler and getting a blast of cold air. However if you reach-in coolers and freezers are broken, your bottom line is at stake. Our service technicians can provide fast reliable service for your reach-in freezers and coolers in Phoenix.

No Air Coming Out of Your Vents? Could be Your Blower or your Air Handler

You’ve probably never heard of an air handler.

But if your air conditioning and heating system is running and no air is coming out of your vents, the air handler could be the problem. We can help.

Galvez Air Conditioning technicians are experts in air conditioning and heating that will diagnose and repair your problem right “the first time always”. schedule a repair online.

What is an Air Handler?

An air handler is an essential part of your air conditioning and heating system. It holds the fan and is responsible for distributing the heated and cooled air throughout your home.

There are three main types of heating and cooling systems. The type of systems affects where your air handler is located.

• Split air conditioner and furnace – In this set up, you have an outside air conditioning unit (likely on the ground in your backyard) and a furnace inside your attic or a closet. The air handler is part of the furnace.

• Split heat pump – This is much the same as the first, but there is no furnace. Your outside unit is responsible for both heating and cooling your home. However, there is still an air handler in your attic or closet that distributes the heated and cooled air throughout your ducts and vents.

• Packaged (rooftop) air conditioning and heating – In this situation, the air handler is packaged with the outdoor unit into one piece.

Variable-Speed Air Handler Save money

You probably know that stop and start traffic makes your vehicle less efficient and uses more gas. The same is true of your air conditioner and heater. Standard air handlers can cause your heating and air conditioning system to cycle on and off frequently, ruining your system’s efficiency.

A variable speed air handler adjusts the speed of your air handler to the needs of your system so it runs longer and more efficiently.

Need a new air conditioner or heater? Schedule a free estimate with Galvez Air Conditioning and let us show you how a variable speed air handler can make your air conditioning and heating system more energy efficient.


A mini-split air conditioning and heating system consists of three main components: an indoor unit, an outdoor unit and a remote control.

The difference is that there are no air ducts to install. The indoor and outdoor units are connected with small, unobtrusive refrigeration lines. And the compact size allows you to place your mini-split system just about anywhere.

Why a ductless mini-split air conditioning system?

Mini-split air conditioning systems offer several advantages over other heating and cooling systems. They are:


Mini-split systems are smaller than traditional air conditioners, which means they can fit just about anywhere.


Ductless split systems are so quiet you may not even notice they’re running.

Easy to Install

there is no ductwork to install so you can easily bring air conditioning or heating to any room.

Energy Efficient

Without ducts, there is less energy waste than traditional air conditioning systems.

These attributes make mini-split systems perfect for:

• Problematic hot Rooms/Sunrooms
• Expansions & Remodels
• Garages
• Upstairs Bedrooms
• Offices & Small Spaces

Ready to learn more about what a Mitsubishi mini-split system installed by Galvez Air Conditioning can offer you? Schedule a free estimate online with one of our experts or call us at 480-528-2331 / 480-528-1544

Evaporative cooler

Repair,services and Installation

Galvez Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Inc, repair, services and install evaporative cooler. We were the number one contractor, installing over 120 evaporative coolers in 2010. That is more than double the amount of our competition. We handle all work ourselves, meaning that only experienced technicians will be handling the installation.

An evaporative cooler, also known as a Swamp Cooler, is one of the most efficient means of cooling you can get in Arizona. Many people new to the Phoenix area are unfamiliar with what swamp coolers/evaporative cooler systems are or the differences between swamp coolers/evaporative coolers and your typical air conditioning system. Evaporative cooling works on the principle of heat absorption by moisture evaporation. The evaporative cooler draws exterior air into special pads soaked with water, where the air is cooled by evaporation, and then recirculated. Evaporative coolers work best in dry climates where humidity is low. They can be easily repaired or replaced and installed. The range of evaporative coolers/swamp coolers available today is extensive, but we can repair or install most types of Swamp Coolers.

Evaporative coolers in Arizona are an amazing way to stay cool and save money on utilities all at once. Galvez Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Inc, has plenty of experience in installing and repairing all makes and models of evaporative coolers throughout the Phoenix Metro area

Complete AC Tune-Up

We all know you can pay an auto mechanic a little now for routine service, or pay them a lot later for a major repair. Well, the same idea holds true for your home air conditioning system. Schedule your complete Tune-Up Now. Best of all, Galvez Air Conditioning & Refrigeration is so confident that our Complete Residential AC Tune Up for only $49.95 will help ensure a worry free summer of cold AC, that we stand behind our work with a 100% Money Back Guarantee*.

For Just $149.95 you will receive the following with your HVAC Tune up:

1. Thorough 35 point inspection
2. Up to One Electrical Component if needed
3. Up to One Pound of Freon (410A) NOT R-22
4. One Air Filter
5. Condenser Coil Cleaning
6. Condenser Drain Line Flush

That’s a $450.00 Value For Only $149.95
36 Point Inspection Includes

• Take Exiting Air Temp
• Check Refrigerant Pressures
• Take Returning Air Temp
• Take Superheat
• Check Filter(s)
• Take Sub-Cooling
• Check Thermostat
• Inspect Outdoor Coil
• Take/Check Amp Draw of Outdoor Fan Motor
• Inspect Refrigerant Line Insulation
• Check Outdoor Fan Blade and Hub
• Take Amp Draw of Indoor Fan (Blower) Motor
• Take/Check Amp Draw of Compressor
• Inspect Blower Wheel
• Inspect Compressor
• Inspect Duct System
• Check Operation of Reversing Valve
• Inspect Air Handler/Furnace/Pac Unit for Level and Support
• Inspect Control Boards

• Check Air Handler (Furnace)/Elbow for Air Leaks
• Inspect Compressor (Main Line) Contactor
• Check Condensate Drain Lines for Clean/Pitch
• Load Test All Applicable Run Capacitors
• Inspect Evaporator Coil
•Check Start Device
•Check Drain Pans
•Check Fuses
•Check Condition of Attic Insulation
•Inspect Wiring
•Check Condition of House Electrical Panel
•Inspect Service Disconnect
•Check Operation of Water Overflow Prevention Switch
•Inspect Breakers
•Inspect Metering Device
•Check Safety of Electrical Connections

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