Air conditioners always make noise because of all their motors and moving parts. 

But if your AC’s noise volume has increased, then you should be concerned. 

There may be an issue—and the longer you wait, the more damaged your AC can become.

So, sad to say, you may need a Phoenix-area AC technician to repair your AC.

But what’s causing the loud noise?

Depends on the noise. Let’s focus on 5 common noises and what’s causing them.

5 common loud air conditioner noises and their causes


A buzzing noise indicates some sort of electrical issue such as loose wiring, arcing/sparking connections, or burning at the fan contactor relay switch. Buzzing at the outside fan motor may mean a failing motor.


Best-case scenario: some debris, like a stick, fell into the outside unit and the fan is kicking it around. Turn off your air conditioner and inspect the outside unit for any debris.

Middle-case scenario: you have loose bolts, screws or fasteners that are causing vibrations when your AC runs.

Worst-case scenario: there’s an issue with the compressor, the heart of your air conditioner. If the noise is coming from within the compressor, it may need replacing. Unfortunately, replacing this part is terribly expensive. If you have to replace the compressor, see if your parts warranty covers it.


Both your inside and outside AC units have fan motors. A humming or grinding noise likely means that one or both fan motor bearings are bad or need lubrication. Keep these bearings lubricated by getting professional AC maintenance once a year.


Squeaking could be a simple loose fan belt on the inside unit. You’ve probably heard a similar squeaking from your car’s belts. Again, AC maintenance is your friend here. 


If you hear a hissing or bubbling noise and your AC isn’t cooling your home well, then you probably have a refrigerant leak (the noise is the refrigerant escaping the leak).

professional technician needs to fix the leak ASAP. If your AC gets too low on refrigerant, the compressor can become damaged. Remember: it’s the heart of your AC.

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