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  • positive review  Recently we discovered that our ac and heat was not working in our upstairs. Galvez Air was recommended to us on Nextdoor so I emailed him. He was very quick to respond and was at my house within hours. He was very honest with the repairs and had my unit up and running in no time. Jose was extremely friendly and even helped me set up my new smart thermostat after he was done. Galvez will now be my go to for any of my HVAC issues

    Riley Higgins Avatar Riley Higgins
    enero 13, 2022
  • positive review  Amazing service! Our AC unit started blowing hot air at 8pm and by 8:30 they were already taking a look at our unit. He was able to fix it in less than an hour. Very glad to have found him!

    Daniela Duarte Avatar Daniela Duarte
    junio 8, 2021
  • positive review  What a great guy/service, came out, had to redo/repair the mess I made putting in a new thermostat, replaced the parts that blew, generally checked the whole unit, and it cost much less than I had anticipated – I will always call Galvez A/C for any future A/C needs

    Beth Collins Cook Avatar Beth Collins Cook
    noviembre 20, 2020
  • positive review  IF YOU EVER HAVE A/C ISSUES – THIS COMPANY (CEO JOSE GALVEZ) SAVED US – LITERALLY! I have lived in Arizona my entire life and I am 37. I have had several different homes from the West Valley to the East Valley and graduated from ASU in 2009. I have NEVER seen a Company care more about their customers than this Company. Our air conditioning went out 3 weeks ago and I am a full time attorney with two children who are in the midst of home schooling now with the pandemic as Gilbert is providing online courses for my children. I had been going outside to flip the breaker on and off as well as turning off my unit just to get by until the a/c repair company came out. I had FOUR companies come out to fix my unit and most told me that it would be 3 to 4 weeks more because of COVID-19 and other issues. My compressor, in the meantime, completely quit and my house inside raised to 95 degrees in temperature. I lost 3 animals and have heart issues. I was worried about my family and worried about how I would be able to provide for them if something happened as heat worsens my condition. My kind neighbors ended up giving me a place to stay while we waited for everything to get fixed. The 4th company to come out told me they would treat me right and promised not to price gouge. They ended up telling me it would be $11,200 to replace my a/c. They didn’t even climb into my attic to really find the problem. To make matters worse, I found out that they were only paying $3,500 for the unit they were charging me $11,200 to fix. I was at a loss and called a close friend asking for help. I have been struggling to make ends meet as several of my corporate clients have gone under with so much going on in the world and now I was trying to work from my neighbor’s home. I was worried about this personal emergency causing me to be unable to work for the clients that I have left. My fried recommended Jose to me and I was leary because all of the prior 4 companies had been so dishonest and seemed to not care about my predicament. Jose came out immediately and told me it would cost half the price of what every other company quoted me. He was honest, fair, and showed me why my A/C had broken down. He climbed into the attic and took time to actually find out what had happened. My A/C had broken twice last summer and this was the second time this summer. We moved into this home last year and I was starting to believe we would never find someone to fix the real problem. Arizona heat is brutal and a broken A/C disrupts Arizonan’s entire lives, especially with children in the home and pets. It is a health emergency. Jose treated it that way and told me everything was going to be okay. I had broken down crying because it was all so much and he was so professional despite how embarrassed I was to be a corporate attorney who couldn’t even handle everything at the point he came out because so much had been disrupted in our lives without having shelter we could live in any longer. Jose ordered the new unit the same day he came to my home to find out what was going on. He came with his employees next morning at 5:30 am to install and cleaned everything before he left. He saved me and my family in a way I could never repay. I will NEVER use another A/C company and will be referring EVERYONE to him. We are back in our home and finally back to being able to live our lives and work. Jose, you have saved an attorney and her family. Thank you for being honest, kind, professional, and so hard working. Thank you for giving us our home back.

    Ashley Mathis Avatar Ashley Mathis
    agosto 10, 2020
  • positive review  I needed someone to come out and fix my failing AC because of a previous installers poor workmanship. I saw Galvez had great reviews in my area. I ended up calling late in the day, but he was still able to come out. Mr. Galvez and his assistant showed up promptly, looking neat and professional. They redid my previous installers work quickly and accurately. Mr. Galvez was super nice, and super knowledgeable. He completed the work correctly at a fraction of what the previous installer wanted to fix their own mistake. I will definitely be using Galvez again for my future checkups and maintenance.

    Dean Kay Avatar Dean Kay
    julio 9, 2020
  • positive review  Galvez AC recently installed a new Ac and furnace for me. He beat out 2 other estimates, one by 4000 dollars and the other one by over $ 1000. They arrived on time and went right to work, no breaks and done in under 6 hours. Honest and very knowledgable and friendly. I cannot recommend them enough. We are highly satisfied.

    Steve Kosko Avatar Steve Kosko
    abril 2, 2020
  • positive review  Jose did our regular maintenance for several years then installed the systems in our new home. He does awesome works at fair prices. He knows what he is doing and it shows in the quality of his work. Highly recommend Galvez AC & R for all your needs, service, repair, or installation.

    Kay Cottingham Robinson Avatar Kay Cottingham Robinson
    junio 13, 2019
  • positive review  Called and Jose was at my house within a few hours. Doesn’t charge a trip fee , you only pay for his time and parts which aren’t doubled in price. Couldn’t be happier. Nice to find a air and heat Company that’s trust worthy and so reasonably priced. He also has no problem working week ends without charging extra. Very satisfied. 😀

    Kathy Palmer Avatar Kathy Palmer
    mayo 13, 2019
  • positive review  Great honest service! We highly recommend these guys.

    Karin Cawley Avatar Karin Cawley
    abril 18, 2019
  • positive review  Great service, reliable and friendly.

    Alva Velazquez Avatar Alva Velazquez
    octubre 8, 2018

❄ Satisfacción Garantizada ❄

Jose realiza regularmente el mantenimiento e instaló los sistemas de nuestra nueva casa. Realiza trabajos asombrosos a precios muy justos. Sabe lo que está haciendo y demuestra la calidad de su trabajo. Altamente recomiendo Galvez AC & R para todas sus necesidades, y sus servicios, reparaciones e instalaciones. Kay Cottingham Robinson 


Lista de verificación antes de llamarnos:

Si la pantalla del termostato no se ilumina, cambie las baterías. Adicionalmente, verifique la posición de las baterías.

El flujo de aire a su unidad de aire acondicionado o calefacción es muy importante y los filtros de aire deben cambiarse regularmente. Si no se cambian regularmente, la restricción de aire puede causar el mal funcionamiento de la unidad de Aire Acondicionado.

Verifique el interruptor de circuito en la caja del interruptor. Mucha gente todavía lo llama caja de fusibles, pero no han usado fusibles en años.

Si el interruptor de su unidad HVAC se ha disparado, reinicie el interruptor. Sin embargo, tenga en cuenta que los disyuntores se disparan por razones de seguridad y si el disyuntor se dispara nuevamente, un electricista debe investigar el problema. A menudo, el interruptor no es el problema, es algo en el cableado que extrae más electricidad de la que debería.


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Su técnico designado lo llamará cuando se dirija hacia su hogar. Su especialista en HVAC lo llamará o le enviará un mensaje de texto 30 minutos antes de llegar a su residencia.

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Su técnico designado le explicará la solución antes de comenzar cualquier trabajo y le dará una estimación. Se le presentarán las opciones y precios “Bueno”, “Mejor”, “Excelente” para cada uno. Le brindaremos numerosas opciones.

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