❄❄❄ Why is air conditioning & heating maintenance important? ❄❄❄

Keep manufactory warranty:

HVAC Manufacturers require your cooling and heating system professional maintenance annually to keep your warranty valid.

Lower cooling & heating costs:

Cleaning and adjusting your cooling & air conditioning system will ensure that it operates at top efficiency. This results in lower electricity bill costs and saving you money.

Avoid breakdowns:

Having your system annually checked will allow your technician to find and correct problems while they are still small and easy to fix. Instead of waiting until the system needs to be replace right in the hot season.

Our VIP Maintenance Program benefits include

  • Two complete seasonal tune – up annually (21 + Points)
  • Priority Service if you call for any AC issues
  • 15% discount on labor charges
  • 15% discount on parts & New Units
  • Free Services Call ($85.00 Value)
  • Free Diagnosis
  • Trip charge waived
  • Weekend & Holiday charge waived
  • Overnight charge waived
  • 30 days Labor warranty
  • 1 Year Manufactured warranty on parts

❄❄❄ Seasonal Tune Up inspection points​ ❄❄❄

  1. Check cooling cycles (cold / heat season)
  2. Proper refrigerant levels and system pressures
  3. Add Freon if necessary (Freon not covered)
  4. Tighten electrical connections
  5. Check contactor, delays, capacitors, fan controls, main control board, defrost control, switches, relays, high / low pressure switches, electrical wiring and tighten as needed
  6. Split Temperature
  7. Heat operation in cold season, (pilot system, gas valve, inducer motor, safety switches, limit switches and clean burners)
  8. Perform amp draw on condenser motor, evaporator motor
  9. Performa amp draw on blower motor
  10. Perform am draw on compressor
  11. Diagnose internal unseen problems on the compressor before they become failures
  12. Clean condenser coil (Chemical cleaning)
  13. Check Primary Condensate drain (Clearing of condensate line stoppages not covered)
  14. Check Secondary Condensate drain & pan (Clearing of condensate line stoppages not covered)
  15. Check Safety controls
  16. Check restroom exhaust fans, Air flow and distribution of air operation and clean grilles as needed
  17. Check belts and adjust or replace as needed (Belt is not covered)
  18. Check Evaporator Coil  ( coil cleaning whit acid not covered)
  19. Lubricate motors and bearings
  20. Check operation of all space thermostats set up and calibrated if needed
  21. Cleaning and/or replacing filters (Air filter included in VIP Members)

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