When you hire GALVEZ AIR CONDITIONING & REFRIGERATION INC you can feel the satisfaction of having found one of the best Air Conditioning companies in the state of Arizona. You can have the peace and comfort that the GALVEZ AIR CONDITIONING & REFRIGERATION INC company offers to all its customers while saving money.
We are proud to have been working in Arizona for more than 10 years and we know perfectly the needs of our clients and we know how to do honest and high quality work.

When you call to make an appointment, schedule a technical visit or simply to make a quote, a friendly and patient Customer Service Representative will listen to your needs and respond to your concerns. We take the time to schedule an appointment according to your schedule and available time as soon as possible and we will immediately give you a date and time for the technical visit.

The technicians who work with GALVEZ AIR CONDITIONING & REFRIGERATION INC, are highly qualified and trained technical professionals. Our technicians undergo a background check and drug testing before being hired so you can be sure that you will meet with a safe and reliable technician for your appointment. Our service is offered by personnel who are fully identified with the company’s logos and uniformed. They also recognize us for leaving the workplace impeccable and showing the customer the respect and kindness they deserve.

The technician of GALVEZ AIR CONDITIONING & REFRIGERATION INC, will ask you to describe the problems you have and proceed to diagnose the problem by evaluating your system. Before making any repairs or changes to your air conditioning or refrigeration system, you will be informed about the diagnosis and the value to be paid for the service. If you approve the job, the technician will continue with the repair. If you decide to install an equipment, our technician will send you a formal proposal with date and time of the installation within 24 hours depending on the type of request. When the technician finishes making the repair, he will always give a detailed explanation and indicate how to improve and make the correct maintenance of your air conditioning or refrigeration system. You will also receive a manual invoice or through your email with the description of the work done and the parts that have been changed.

At Galvez Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Inc we like to satisfy our clients by providing a quality and honest service.

We look forward to working with you in the future and look forward to the opportunity to make your home an ideal place to live and enjoy.

Call us today or request an online appointment to start! (480) 528-2331

Give us a call today or request an appointment online to get started! (480) 528-2331

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